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Our service fee is only $65. What’s included: full system inspection, identification of the problem and 1″ pleated air filter replacement. Call for service now (949) 287-3777

Choose your new HVAC system:

Prior to choosing your new air conditioning and heating system lets find out how to properly size your new equipment. It’s very simple: 1 ton capacity will serve 500 sq feet of living space in single level house. For a multi-level house, 1 ton will serve 400 sq (recommended). The reason why multi-level houses require larger capacity is because a system needs some extra power to push air upstairs or downstairs.

Abbreviation SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. 14 SEER is a minimum government requirement since 2016. Higher number means higher efficiency.

Below you can find pricing to replace AC, Furnace, Evaporative coil, Air Cleaning Media 1″, and a Thermostat (labor and materials included). Our prices include high-end brand names such as Lennox, Carrier, Trane and American Standard (all American made). You will get $500 discount for Lower-end brands such as Goodman, Payne, Comfort Maker, Ducane, Aire-Flow, Kenmore, Rheem and Roud.

Permit fee $120 – $250 not included. Duct replacement is not included in this price sheet.

Click on corresponding price link to send us an email and request for a free inspection

Single story
House size
Multi story
House size
Air Conditioning Efficiency
2.0 ton 1,000 sq feet 800 sq feet house $5295 $5995 $7995 $8995
2.5 ton 1,250 sq feet 1,000 sq feet house $5495 $6395 $8495 $9195
3.0 ton 1,500 sq feet 1,200 sq feet house $5795 $6795 $8895 $9695
3.5 ton 1,750 sq feet 1,400 sq feet house $6495 $7195 $9295 $10195
4.0 ton 2,000 sq feet 1,600 sq feet house $6995 $7495 $9695 $10695
5.0 ton 3,000 – 2,500 sq feet 2,000 – 2,500 sq feet house $7495 $7995 $9995 $11995

Prices are negotiable! Please note that your price can be lowered due to nature of the installation, for example: good accessibility (easy access) or form of payment (personal/business check, cashiers check, money order  and cash are always more preferred than credit card).

* You can also get some federal tax cut and or cash rebate from your local energy provider for any system 16.5 SEER or above.